Commercial Roofing Restoration

Restoring your building’s flat roof has a lot of hidden benefits.

Are you tired of calls from tenants about the leaking roof? Have you been patching your roof for years? Did you just replace your roof a few years ago… and it’s still leaking?

Chasing down an unreliable roofer or taking time every year to schedule another patch job is a big hassle. Water damage and costly repairs are an inconvenient headache you don’t need.

Don’t waste your valuable time with short term fixes. For a long term solution, we can restore your building’s roof with a guaranteed roofing system backed by a 10+ year warranty.

  • Our flat roof restorations are professionally installed, warrantied, and guaranteed.

  • Our system costs less than “old-school” flat roof systems and is just as durable.

  • Conklin Flat Roof Coatings are energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling costs.

  • Our roofs are backed with a 10 or 15 year warranty depending on the system your roof requires. If anything goes wrong with your roof, know that we’ll be here to take care of you.

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Above: This beautiful new white warehouse roof was restored with a Conklin roof coating.

Above: This beautiful new white warehouse roof was restored with a Conklin roof coating.

What will my roof look like when it’s restored?

We don’t use “old school” roofing systems like many other roofers on the Palouse. Traditional TPO and EPDM roof replacements don’t last as long as they should for their price point. Instead, we use a high quality reflective white roof coating that covers and seals the existing roof membrane. This white coating reflects sunlight to keep your building cooler in the summer and make your building more energy efficient. It’s the best roofing material you can use for your commercial building’s flat roof.

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