Our Roof Inspection Process

What to expect from Rolling Hills Roofing:

  • We perform a thorough, in person inspection where we show you photos of shingle damage or leak points.

  • We get an extremely accurate roof measurement & note any unique features of your home that require special care.

  • We let you know exactly what to expect with a proposal outlining the entire scope of your roof repair or replacement.

Step 1: We inspect roofs “the hard way”: in person, every time.

Many roofing companies will do their inspections from the ground, or will take photos from a drone or satellite. That’s not good enough for us.

We want to see problems first hand and explain to you why those problems matter.

This extra step takes us extra time and effort, but it means that we can:

  • Catch leak points you wouldn’t see from the street or from a satellite

  • See problems up close and check if they warrant repair or replacement

  • Show you photos so you know exactly why we’re making our recommendations

We also take notes on any areas of your property that require special care. We take extra precautions to:

  • Protect decks and flowerbeds from roofing debris

  • Keep you and your pets out of harms way

  • Check for power lines over your home and other safety issues

Taking this extra care up front lets our team prepare for a safe, efficient, and professional roof installation.

Thorough inspections help us catch leak points like these that other roofers wouldn’t see from a satellite or from the ground inspection.

Step 2: We get an extremely accurate roof measurement.


There are several “old school” ways of measuring a roof:

  • Guess the square footage of the roof from the ground

  • Take measurements by hand and make a drawing of the roof

While these methods can get a ballpark estimation of the roof size, we use a more accurate ways of measuring the roof.

During our inspection we take photos from each corner of your property. Our roofing software takes these photos and turns them into a 3D model of your home.

Why do we put this extra time and effort into how we measure your roof?

  • You get an accurate measurement instead of an inflated guess

  • Our team is better prepared for a safe & efficient roof installation

  • You have more certainty of what you’re getting

Doing inspections and measurements the way we do takes us a little more work up front, but it helps you know what to expect and prepares us for a safe, efficient, and professional installation.

Step 3: We let you know exactly what to expect.


After seeing any problems with your roof firsthand and preparing accurate measurements, we recommend a course of action to correct those problems.

Our roofing replacement or repair proposal includes:

  • Photos of any problems and leak points we found

  • Accurate measurements of your roof

  • Cost effective plans to address your roofing problems

  • A timeline for the job to be completed

  • Our GAF System+ 50 year manufacturer warranty

All of this allows you to make an informed decision for your home.

We keep this in mind with every roof we inspect:

With every single roof we inspect, we approach it with the mindset of “What would I do if this was my home?”

That means taking into account both the health of your roof, and the cost-effectiveness of repairing it vs replacing it.

If your roof is in good shape, we can often do small repairs to give you a few more years of life out of your roof. After all, that’s what we would do if it was our home!

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