Can I check out my roof on my own?

Can you check out your roof on your own? Absolutely! In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting your roof yourself twice per year.

It’s a pretty quick process - learn what common issues to look for, then walk around your home and see if you can spot any of them.

You can inspect your roof by yourself in under 10 minutes.

Just a few minutes is often all it takes to catch a problem before it turns into a major headache.

Many homeowners in Moscow and Pullman want to check out their roof themselves, and we support that. Early detection is key to preventing serious damage.

This free guide will show you exactly what to look for. You can see most of these signs from the ground. If you need a closer look, you can put up a ladder against your roof or try zooming in with a camera.


When you’ve read this guide, you’ll learn:


If your home has a pitched roof:

• How to identify shingle type and quality.

• How to identify common signs of wear.

• What to look for in your gutters.

• What roofing issues can be seen from inside your home.

• What additional issues to check for.

• If your home would benefit from a professional inspection.


If your home has a flat roof:

• Why standing water on your roof is a bad sign.

• How to care for roof drains.

• The importance of seals around roof entries.

• Why typical chimney flashings can lead to leaks.

• What additional issues to check for.

• If your home would benefit from a professional inspection.


If you notice any issues while checking out your roof, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (208) 301-6173. We’re always happy to help our community!

PS. Please use caution and stay safe if you decide to get on top of your roof! Using a pair of binoculars, zooming in with a camera, or staying on your ladder can get you close enough to see the issue without putting you in harms way.

Nethaniel Ealy